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Boat Tangkuban Mountain

Boat Tangkuban Mountain is located about 30 km north of Bandung. This beautiful place is located in Lembang area, approximately 30 minutes from Bandung to use motor vehicles. Tangkuban Mt has a height of 2084 meters tall. This mountain became one of the interesting tourist destinations in West Java. Its natural environment are cool, and hot springs at the foot of the mountain-foot. Rows of elongated craters, the main attraction. Boat Tangkuban is actually a volcano. Boat Tangkuban named because its shape resembles an inverted ship.

Boat Tangkuban name itself very closely with a legend who is very famous Sundanese land, namely Sangkuriang. Boat Tangkuban mountain which from a distance looked like a boat upside down, supposedly caused by supernatural powers Sangkuriang finish the job that failed in making the boat overnight to marry Dayang Sumbi that none other than his own mother. Because so upset not to complete construction of the boat, Sangkuriang finally kicked the boat that has not finished it. Legend who became closely linked in the naming of Boat Tangkuban mountain.

Boat Tangkuban mountain charm is so adorable, even, when the weather is sunny, the curve of the soil on the crater wall can be seen clearly, in contrast with the green trees around the mountain. Not only that, the bottom of the crater can we enjoy the beauty that was amazing. Natural beauty is what makes Boat Tangkuban become one of the prime natural tourist attractions of West Java province, especially in Bandung.

The road to Boat Tangkuban, on left sides of the street you will see a stretch of green tea gardens and rows of pine trees. His name is also the mountain, certainly every time the air is really cool. Because the boat is Tangkuban Mount which is still active until recently, it has always been a lot happening eruption which left the rest of the eruptive crater. Currently craters-craters have been used as a place-crater wisata.Kawah include Crater Queen, Upas, Domas, New, Jurig, Rhino, Jurian, Demon and Pangguyungan Rhino. Among these craters, Crater Queen is the largest crater, followed by Upas crater that is located adjacent to the crater Queen. Some crater sulfur smell smoke, there is even forbidden to descend the crater, because the smell of toxic smoke.

If you visit to Bandung, take your time to visit Boat Tangkuban. The cool air, beautiful scenery, all of them will make you satisfied. Visiting Boat Tangkuban means you have been enjoying the natural attractions, tours Lagenda, and also shopping. Because in this mountain region we encounter many merchants who sell various sauvenir, food, etc.. On the lip of the crater of this mountain you can also walk around with a rented horse, all of which will add to your satisfaction the tour.

 Pictured above is a gallery Boat Tangkuban Mountain.

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach area is one of the mainstay tourist district of Ciamis and West Java Province. In fact, the area that are in the South Coast of Java is included in the agenda of the 2008 visit of Indonesian tourism. Therefore, local governments through the local Department of Tourism and Culture, continues to improve and complement the various supporting facilities Pangandaran Beach tourist area.

Visitors can enjoy the natural panorama of the beautiful Pangandaran Beach and the stretch of sloping white sand beaches charming. The two hills that flank the beach of Pangandaran make wind blowing softly and sea waves ripple is relatively small, so that visitors comfortable doing various activities, like swimming using tires, boating around the peninsula, fishing, relaxing on the beach, or simply absorb the natural beauty of tourist lodges numerous in the region. In addition, visitors can see the sunrise and sunset from the same place.
For visitors who want to dive, in this region there are marine parks with a variety of fauna and flora of the beautiful sea.
Roads in the vicinity of this beach is paved smooth, making it easier for visitors who want to surround the area with a motor vehicle or bicycle. When night falls, visitors will still feel comfortable in Pangandaran Beach, because the region has been equipped with adequate lighting.
Every weekend, usually held on traditional performing arts of West Java. In addition, in certain months held various events, such as sea fishing Pangandaran intent in March, nyiar lumar in June, the international kite festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) in July, decorative boat carnival in August, the race fishing in September, cross-country tours and off road in October, and new year holiday party in December.

Pangandaran Beach is located in the District of Pangandaran, Ciamis regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Accommodation and Facilities
Pangandaran beach in the tourist areas there are various supporting facilities, such as large parking area and safe, hotel and guesthouse with various types, SAR teams, tourist cabin, campground, Pramu tourism, and tourism information center.
In addition, in the region there are other facilities, such as banks, ATMs, money changers, restaurants, food stalls, cinemas, discos, bike rental place and tires, jet skis, post office, telephone, credit vouchers, the sailing , as well as centers of souvenirs and souvenir outlets.
 Pictured above is a gallery green canyon in Pangandaran.

 Pictured above is a gallery of Stone shark in Pangandaran.
 Pictured above is a gallery of white sand in Pangandaran.
there are many other tourist in Pangandaran.
if you want to know, visit Pangandaran beach and enjoy the scenery.

Life as a kaffah Islamic religion

Surrender to God is a religion that believe in one God, even God.
Basic beliefs of Islam can be found in two sentences shahādatāin ("two sentences of testimony"), namely "an-laa ilaaha ASYHADU illallaah, wa anna Muhammadan ASYHADU rasuulullaah" - which means "I testify that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. " But when someone believes and then say two sentences of this testimony, meaning he has to be considered as a Muslim or a Muslim convert (a man who had converted to Islam from his old belief.)

The Qur'an is the sacred book of Muslims who revealed God to Muhammad through the intermediary of the Angel Gabriel. Literally Qur'an means readings. But although there was referring to a book / book, Muslims refer to the Qur'an itself more on the words or phrases in it, not in physical form as a result of mold.
Synagogue, mosque or Muslims called the mosque. Worship is usually done at the mosque include prayers congregation, religious lectures, holiday celebrations, discussion of religion, learning the Koran (read Al-Qur'an) and so forth.

I am as human beings want to survive in the world and the Hereafter. I do not want to if I get hurt. I want to surrender to GOD and convert to Islam in kaffah.
On 1 March 2011, I have converted to Islam in kaffah and completely.
Al-Qur'an says that "O those who believe, enter ye all into Islam in kaffah, and do not take steps syaithan. Indeed he was enemy to you."
(Surah al-Baqarah 2:208).

I assisted my friend to convert to Islam in kaffah because my friend did not want to harm me and I also always thought would not get hurt.
For that, let us begin together kaffah Islamic life as been taught by the Prophets and Apostles, once we bersyahadat in Tawheed, then whatever happens to pick up will remain God's death as God's the only one not to have children and allies -ally in his substance and nature.

Back streets of God is the one move that is very heavy, temptations and distractions would come hit us and that is where we are ordered by Allah to perform jihad, do one of struggle, to engage in warfare conflict both with wealth and with the soul.

With the wealth we may have to be ready when a sudden fall into poverty or also do charity with support all the activities of Muslims for the sake of the banner of Allah, jihad with soul means we have to prepare mentally and physically to face all possibilities that occur due to lack of fun group of people or creatures with the migration we have done this.