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Life as a kaffah Islamic religion

Surrender to God is a religion that believe in one God, even God.
Basic beliefs of Islam can be found in two sentences shahādatāin ("two sentences of testimony"), namely "an-laa ilaaha ASYHADU illallaah, wa anna Muhammadan ASYHADU rasuulullaah" - which means "I testify that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. " But when someone believes and then say two sentences of this testimony, meaning he has to be considered as a Muslim or a Muslim convert (a man who had converted to Islam from his old belief.)

The Qur'an is the sacred book of Muslims who revealed God to Muhammad through the intermediary of the Angel Gabriel. Literally Qur'an means readings. But although there was referring to a book / book, Muslims refer to the Qur'an itself more on the words or phrases in it, not in physical form as a result of mold.
Synagogue, mosque or Muslims called the mosque. Worship is usually done at the mosque include prayers congregation, religious lectures, holiday celebrations, discussion of religion, learning the Koran (read Al-Qur'an) and so forth.

I am as human beings want to survive in the world and the Hereafter. I do not want to if I get hurt. I want to surrender to GOD and convert to Islam in kaffah.
On 1 March 2011, I have converted to Islam in kaffah and completely.
Al-Qur'an says that "O those who believe, enter ye all into Islam in kaffah, and do not take steps syaithan. Indeed he was enemy to you."
(Surah al-Baqarah 2:208).

I assisted my friend to convert to Islam in kaffah because my friend did not want to harm me and I also always thought would not get hurt.
For that, let us begin together kaffah Islamic life as been taught by the Prophets and Apostles, once we bersyahadat in Tawheed, then whatever happens to pick up will remain God's death as God's the only one not to have children and allies -ally in his substance and nature.

Back streets of God is the one move that is very heavy, temptations and distractions would come hit us and that is where we are ordered by Allah to perform jihad, do one of struggle, to engage in warfare conflict both with wealth and with the soul.

With the wealth we may have to be ready when a sudden fall into poverty or also do charity with support all the activities of Muslims for the sake of the banner of Allah, jihad with soul means we have to prepare mentally and physically to face all possibilities that occur due to lack of fun group of people or creatures with the migration we have done this.

Stories About Me and My Friends When Vocational School.

In 2007 I went to vocational school. I met good friends and compact in the activities. Grade 10 and Grade 11 I passed with a value that is quite satisfactory. Although I and my friends often play, but we always focus on learning so that we can pass and end the class 12. after the exam is time we feel happy and not tense because we were always cheerful.
Some of the written test and we passed the bar exam with a feeling of calm, although tension was always there with us. when the time the announcement of the national exam results, we were glad to get a pretty good value and pass. with results satisfactory enough value, we immediately got together and planned roads in the area bandung.
When we split up because we have different jobs and went to college which is also different, we feel sad because there will be gathered as usual. We also have a determination that we will never forget my friends.
in July we were separated. we feel sad and want to return to normal. but we think that we can beremu and held together with a plan when the circumstances are not busy.
On April 23, 2011 we can gather together even though it's not all. but we feel happy because we can laugh like the old joke.
yes that is the meaning of friendship. friendship is everything to us. we feel happy that your friends never forget the friend who first.
That's the story about me and my friends.

 Pictured above is a gallery when the SMK

Justice and Firmly in treating The Employee

Why does a lot of people say a boss has an attitude that was most unfair and less assertive in treating its employees? Maybe a boss absence of ethics in entrepreneurship and firmness and fairness in running his company. I tell this because of my experience and the experience of my friends who've been there. Maybe the justice and firmness will make employees feel comfortable and happy.

On this occasion, I would like to discuss cases that are not appropriate in treating the employee when a boss has an attitude that is not fair and firm to its employees. Ditahun 2011 I have experienced anything like it. I like one and is not considered correct in doing my work because in the eyes of a boss, employee my partner was a friend and may feel embarrassed or do not hesitate to be fair and firm in the job. I can only silent and indifferent face this problem. I never told him about the problems caused by ever dihapadi company from its employees but useless boss was responding to it with silence. The second problem arises when I had just come to work and the company does not irregular situation, which I also was told when I was told before going to do that. And it should work the other employees because the time has not shown that employees in the job ending. The third problem, the slander, slander of the other employees also in me. But I respond to that by dian also because I do not like it. With a boss that's why most do not have justice and firmness in his company.

I always think why my life was a mess and a lot of problems in the job? I always complain and still not there something I should do because it is deemed useless. Cumin here I want to work and do not want to create problems. I also do not need a high position if things will happen will be chaotic and messy, although I am always ready in living matter. I just want to promote and assist these companies in order to stay ahead.

Another experience is from a friend of mine who got the same problem as me. But in a short period of time my friend was immediately quit his job.

With the existence of such a thing, that a boss should have justice and firmness in treating its employees to avoid the occurrence of the problems that are not in want.
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White crater

White crater is located on Mount Patuha, a mountain located in West Java. The height of this mountain is 2386 meters. The crater of Mount Patuha is used as an attractive tourist object with the name White crater.

After parking the vehicle, we had to descend the ladder to be closer to the crater of this mountain. Our hearts will immediately chuckled amazed to see the whole of this place from the steps above. At this resort, we can indeed be closely located in the crater of the mountain we could even touch the water.

When we go down, it's extraordinary sights we will see in this crater. White soil which consists of sulfur is the reason why the crater is called White crater. Truly unique taste saw this white land. The surface soil is also not flat so as to resemble the humps of land. Greenish water crater also attract attention. All around, there are some already dry mountains, but some are still green trees.

We can be a bit up the mountain that surrounds it. On this mountain we will find dry trees and many branches of the trees that fell with small stones. We can also see the crater from above.

Crater in fairly broad. Water color can vary depending on the sunlight. Smoke from the sulfur water sometimes arise that impede our view. The water also cause the smell of sulfur. When the wind is blowing, the smell of sulfur can pierce our noses and make us cough. So, there are several points on this crater is fitted with a warning not to get too close to avoid poisoning sulfur smoke.

This crater will give us a different experience. We like being in the snow because the ground is white. Wide crater and bluish-green water that makes us as if were on the beach. The trees are mostly just stayed dry stalks and has helped create a different atmosphere. Here too there are large rocks beautiful. The beauty is what makes this place became a favorite place for the bride and groom to do the wedding photos.

 Pictured above is a gallery of white crater and sulfur mine cave relic Dutch and Japanese.

Institute of Cooperative Management of Indonesia

Ikopin are Universities that conduct post-graduate, graduate, and diploma. Ikopin abbreviation of the Institute of Cooperative Management of Indonesia. Ikopin is one of Indonesia which organizes college cooperative education. Ikopin want to promote cooperatives in Indonesia for students to develop cooperatives as Soekarno.
Ikopin also provide opportunities to students for internships in Japan.
Ikopin is also one that provides college scholarships for students. ikopin although that's superiority ikopin less well-known in Indonesia.
More than 220 people receive scholarships per year. ikopin solution to build the nation's economy.
Based on recommendations from Kopertis Region IV West Java with letter No. 0226/Kop.IV/N1994, that the two majors in IKOPIN has changed its name as follows:

Department of Personnel Management to Human Resource Management Department
Extension to Department of Management Department of Business Communication Management and Guidance.
Expenditure Management Department into the Department of Financial Management.
Then on 23 November 1993 has opened with a Diploma Program for Registered status Management Department of Banking, Finance and Management Department of Management Department of Marketing with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 601/DIKTI/Kep/1993. On August 11, 1998 and in 2000 equated Diploma III status.
By letter of Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education No. 263/D/T/2005 about "Operating License Renewal Study Program at the Institute of Cooperative Management in Indonesia", Ikopin has obtained a permit carrying out activities to study program management, so that current levels of concentration to program Strata One (S-1), with a Bachelor of Economics (SE) as follows:
  1. Financial Management
  2. Banking Management
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. Business Communication Management & Counseling
  5. Production Management
  6. Marketing Management
  7. Business Management
As for the Diploma program Three (D-3) has a concentration as follows:
  1. Financial Management
  2. Banking Management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Business Management
Through Decree No. Director General of Higher Education. 2569/D/T/2001 August 2, 2001, IKOPIN has obtained a license to open a Post Graduate Program (S2), Master in Management (MM), which currently has a concentration:
  1. Company Management (Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Operations Management)
  2. Cooperative Management
  3. Banking Management
  4. Management Economics Education
  5. Management Economic Development (Economic Governance)

 Pictured above are students who have a goal to go forward and fight to achieve his goal each.

Lake Situpatenggang

Situ Patenggang Located at an altitude of about 1600 m above sea level, Situ Patenggang panorama alluring. Green carpet like a carpet of tea gardens of nature, coupled with the cool and clean air and warm sun, giving the impression of peace and tranquility itself for visitors. From the edge of the road to a quiet location, a lake appears to be behind the tea plantations of the trees towering.
Lake Patenggang or better known as Situ Patenggang by local communities, occupying an area of ​​150 Ha. Formerly this area is the area of ​​nature reserves or national parks, but in 1981 has been officially transformed into a tourist park.
To enjoy the tourist boats have facilities that can be rented for around a small island located in the middle of the lake called Island Sasuka. This island looks shady with many tall trees that grow in it. Meanwhile, across the lake there is a pretty interesting site that is named Stone Love allegedly believed would provide the continuity of love for the couple who came to visit the farm.
Boats are available is quite numerous, and in good condition or maintained during my visit there. Colors are bright enough boats or striking contrast with the surrounding environment once dominated by green color. Water transport facilities for lease at this place a paddle boat rental, boat and water bikes at a price that can still be negotiated with the owner. There is also a gazebo facilities and places to sit without a roof made of cement for the purpose of enjoying the panorama around the lake. Makananpun affairs is not a difficult thing because many vending stalls that lined near the parking area.
Along the road to Situ Patenggang posted expanse of forest and tea gardens. Plantation strawberries also were encountered during the trip. Generally, these strawberries plantation to provide facilities for visitors to pick their own strawberries from a tree planted in plastic bags.
The area has a legend that appears Patenggang Situ name. History or myth about these Situ surfaced due to a prince and a princess who fell in love. But their love of travel was not as smooth and beautiful as that envisioned by keudanya because separated by circumstances. So that their tears formed a lake there or. Subsequently the lake was named by there patenggang taken from the word-teangan pateangan derived from the Sundanese language, which means searching for each other.
In the end they can get together again on a rock in situ, which was named the stone of love. It is said that anyone who had been visiting with her partner, then their love will be eternal.

 Pictured above is a gallery of Lake Situpatenggang.