Justice and Firmly in treating The Employee

Why does a lot of people say a boss has an attitude that was most unfair and less assertive in treating its employees? Maybe a boss absence of ethics in entrepreneurship and firmness and fairness in running his company. I tell this because of my experience and the experience of my friends who've been there. Maybe the justice and firmness will make employees feel comfortable and happy.

On this occasion, I would like to discuss cases that are not appropriate in treating the employee when a boss has an attitude that is not fair and firm to its employees. Ditahun 2011 I have experienced anything like it. I like one and is not considered correct in doing my work because in the eyes of a boss, employee my partner was a friend and may feel embarrassed or do not hesitate to be fair and firm in the job. I can only silent and indifferent face this problem. I never told him about the problems caused by ever dihapadi company from its employees but useless boss was responding to it with silence. The second problem arises when I had just come to work and the company does not irregular situation, which I also was told when I was told before going to do that. And it should work the other employees because the time has not shown that employees in the job ending. The third problem, the slander, slander of the other employees also in me. But I respond to that by dian also because I do not like it. With a boss that's why most do not have justice and firmness in his company.

I always think why my life was a mess and a lot of problems in the job? I always complain and still not there something I should do because it is deemed useless. Cumin here I want to work and do not want to create problems. I also do not need a high position if things will happen will be chaotic and messy, although I am always ready in living matter. I just want to promote and assist these companies in order to stay ahead.

Another experience is from a friend of mine who got the same problem as me. But in a short period of time my friend was immediately quit his job.

With the existence of such a thing, that a boss should have justice and firmness in treating its employees to avoid the occurrence of the problems that are not in want.
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