White crater

White crater is located on Mount Patuha, a mountain located in West Java. The height of this mountain is 2386 meters. The crater of Mount Patuha is used as an attractive tourist object with the name White crater.

After parking the vehicle, we had to descend the ladder to be closer to the crater of this mountain. Our hearts will immediately chuckled amazed to see the whole of this place from the steps above. At this resort, we can indeed be closely located in the crater of the mountain we could even touch the water.

When we go down, it's extraordinary sights we will see in this crater. White soil which consists of sulfur is the reason why the crater is called White crater. Truly unique taste saw this white land. The surface soil is also not flat so as to resemble the humps of land. Greenish water crater also attract attention. All around, there are some already dry mountains, but some are still green trees.

We can be a bit up the mountain that surrounds it. On this mountain we will find dry trees and many branches of the trees that fell with small stones. We can also see the crater from above.

Crater in fairly broad. Water color can vary depending on the sunlight. Smoke from the sulfur water sometimes arise that impede our view. The water also cause the smell of sulfur. When the wind is blowing, the smell of sulfur can pierce our noses and make us cough. So, there are several points on this crater is fitted with a warning not to get too close to avoid poisoning sulfur smoke.

This crater will give us a different experience. We like being in the snow because the ground is white. Wide crater and bluish-green water that makes us as if were on the beach. The trees are mostly just stayed dry stalks and has helped create a different atmosphere. Here too there are large rocks beautiful. The beauty is what makes this place became a favorite place for the bride and groom to do the wedding photos.

 Pictured above is a gallery of white crater and sulfur mine cave relic Dutch and Japanese.