Stories About Me and My Friends When Vocational School.

In 2007 I went to vocational school. I met good friends and compact in the activities. Grade 10 and Grade 11 I passed with a value that is quite satisfactory. Although I and my friends often play, but we always focus on learning so that we can pass and end the class 12. after the exam is time we feel happy and not tense because we were always cheerful.
Some of the written test and we passed the bar exam with a feeling of calm, although tension was always there with us. when the time the announcement of the national exam results, we were glad to get a pretty good value and pass. with results satisfactory enough value, we immediately got together and planned roads in the area bandung.
When we split up because we have different jobs and went to college which is also different, we feel sad because there will be gathered as usual. We also have a determination that we will never forget my friends.
in July we were separated. we feel sad and want to return to normal. but we think that we can beremu and held together with a plan when the circumstances are not busy.
On April 23, 2011 we can gather together even though it's not all. but we feel happy because we can laugh like the old joke.
yes that is the meaning of friendship. friendship is everything to us. we feel happy that your friends never forget the friend who first.
That's the story about me and my friends.

 Pictured above is a gallery when the SMK